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X Meets Y

Oct 17, 2022

From author Jonathan Inbody, creator and host of the X Meets Y podcast, comes Gray Matter: An Acid Horror Anthology Podcast, launching October 24th.

See you there.


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Mar 25, 2021

In this third anniversary celebration and series wrap-up, Jon and Jeff reflect on three years of the show, discuss the ups and downs of podcasting, and make a few special announcements. Then, Jon thanks literally everyone, and the show goes out with a special surprise.


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Mar 24, 2021

In this final episode, Jon and Jeff combine two genre classics. They pull from countless Hollywood franchises, create the first 'zooseum,' and discuss which prehistoric creatures would make the most effective killer robots.


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Mar 10, 2021

In this episode, Jon and Sam make a Shakespearean love story between man and monster. Sam coins the phrase 'mind butter,' Jon delights in mantis maiden mayhem, and both of them consider the merits of comic and tragic romances.


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Feb 24, 2021

In this episode, Jon and Jay make a mystery action-heist. Jon thinks every movie should have a 'Scooby,' Jay designs a themed casino, and they both show some love for undervalued character actors.


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